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Bring Your Challenge

A high intensity Design thinking programme with facilitation from experienced designers tackling real challenges in your organisation.

Design Thinking – A Framework for Innovation

Design thinking is gaining traction around the world and many different methods and techniques are now available to anyone wishing to learn more. However, at What Could Be, having practised in the field for over 20 years, we’ve become increasingly frustrated that there is no single, coherent approach to design thinking.  In our programme we have therefore combined the very best from our experience of empowering organisations of all types and size in both public and private sectors.

The What Could Be approach is strategic. Unlike other programmes we work with you to address a real organisational challenge. Over 6 intensive days you will move a long way to resolving your problem and will also develop your design thinking capability to a level where you can teach others in your organisation.


Who is it for?

Businesses that want to differentiate themselves by innovating and those that are looking to tackle big organisational challenges using a human-centred approach.


What do you get? 

The approach is based on three critical elements people, process and place:

  • The people, and the principles, behaviours and methods they need to have at their fingertips in order to deliver impactful projects.
  • A process that will allow them to fit it with existing organisational practice. At the heart of the process is the Design Thinking Canvas
  • And a place to do the work, either digital or real world, that enables them to do it to best effect.


Workshops schedule

Day 1 – Monday:
Design thinking – what it is and applying it to your challenge
AM Introduction to the Design Thinking Canvas. Exploring your challenge
PM Who are we innovating for? Mapping stakeholders in your challenge eco-system


Day 2 – Tuesday:
Design research methods and your research plan
AM Key design research methods, research practice,
PM Research planning, vision and presentations


Day 3 – Friday:
On-site coaching
Our instructors will visit you on-site to help you make sense of what you have found out during your first round of research and prepare to make best use of the next two days of the workshop.


Day 4 – Monday:
Insights to ideas, prototyping and testing

AM Problem framing techniques, concept development, Introduction to prototyping methods
PM Prototyping and testing in practice


Day 5 – Tuesday:
Planning for success
AM Design management and introduction to an evaluation logic model
PM Communicating the proposition and final presentations


Day 6 – Friday:
On-site coaching
Our instructors will visit you on-site to review your progress and support next steps.

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Meltham Mills Road/Meltham, Meltham, Holmfirth, UK

  • Spring 2019
  • Location TBC
  • 4 day workshop Plus 2 days coaching
  • £5000 per team of 4