Your Design Team

Jonathan Ball

With a background in product design, Jonathan has built his career using the practice of human-centred design to help organisations achieve new levels of innovation. He was part of the team at Design Council that developed the Double Diamond, he initiated the internationally recognised Design Atlas and created the Design Opportunities Tool, which sits as the core of all Design Council coaching activity.

Jonathan is a lead instructor for LUMA Institute in Pittsburgh, where he’s worked with McDonalds, Honeywell, Prudential and Autodesk. He’s also a part of the team at V&A Dundee that run the Design Thinking Accelerator.

Darren Evans

Founder and director of The Engine Room, 2017’s most effective UK design consultancy, Darren has a rare capacity to think and interpret at a highly strategic level whilst retaining an absolute eye on the fine detail. Darren is a member of Amsterdam-based Design Thinkers Academy and is a Fellow of the RSA.

His design team has five Design Effectiveness Awards to its name and his clients include some of the world’s biggest manufacturing and healthcare brands, along with public sector organisations who are embracing design thinking to drive change.

Lesley Gulliver

With vast experience in building brands and leading design projects for large corporations to SMEs to public sector organisations, Lesley is highly experienced in the delivery of workshops and stakeholder engagement exercises. She is consultative and facilitative in style, yet has a strong focus on strategic objectives.

She is interested in measurable returns and understands design in terms of impact, growth, service development and culture change. She is a Design Council Design Associate, a Board Director for the UK’s Design Business Association and Managing Director of The Engine Room.

David Townson

David is an experienced product and service development strategist whose work has enabled innovation in areas varied as returnable transit packaging, cat flaps, online courses for aspiring playwrights and automated banking services.

He has worked in manufacturing, the corporate innovation team of Orange, designed internationally acclaimed programmes at Dundee University and been a director at service innovation and design pioneers live|work.

David has designed and delivered programmes for Ordnance Survey’s ‘Geovation’ accelerator and a number of Design Council initiatives in public and private sectors. As a Lead Instructor for LUMA Institute, he enables global corporations to understand and apply its world-class, design-based, system of innovation.