We talk with you. Not at you.


What Could Be works across the globe helping organisations look at complex problems in a different way. We show you inspirational things. We teach you new and engaging tools and methodologies. And most importantly we deliver impact.


Our approach is centred around you and your organisation. You bring your challenge to us and your learning will be experiential and practical, delivering value directly back into your organisation.

We’ll walk you through new ways of working that will radically overhaul your approach to innovation and change, while potentially even repositioning the role you play in what happens next.

We are human-centred, user-focused and we get excited about making a difference.  

Here’s a look at our key offerings:



Learn Expert Skills

Take a masterclasses enabling a deep dive into specific design thinking tools and techniques to enable you to explore them in a focused way and become highly proficient in their use and application.

Solve a Big Challenge

Come to a bootcamp, a high intensity 6-day design thinking programme with facilitation from experienced designers tackling real challenges in your organisation.

Make it Your Own

Tailor a 6-day programme of facilitation delivered within your business including a mix of group workshops and follow-up coaching sessions from our experienced designers.


Get Specialist Advice

Receive coaching time from the team at What Could Be to help you embed the learning and develop the discipline of design thinking.