What Could Be deliver design thinking workshops that help organisations solve complex problems in our challenging world.

Our approach is centred around your organisational challenge. You bring your challenge to the workshops and your learning will be experiential and practical, delivering value directly back into your organisation.

Teams attending the workshops work on real problems that they are facing in their working environments. This gives our training an edge in delivering tangible value and impact from the very outset.

Founded in 2010, What Could Be are at the forefront of the design thinking movement. We have helped businesses and public sector organisations across the country to widen their design focus and recognise the value of design thinking, not just in terms of brand development, product design or service delivery, but in terms of innovation, change and true organisational impact.

“An innovative approach to solving real challenges, driving change and delivering impact.”

Today, our clear focus is on working with commercial businesses and public sector organisations. We cut through the ‘noise’ and we demystify design thinking by delivering practical training and design thinking tools that you can start to use in your own organisation straight away, delivering results to your shareholders and/or stakeholders from the outset.

Our aim is to deliver focused, effective and impactful workshops to business leaders and public sector leaders who are looking to learn new ways to solve hard problems. We stand for best practice design thinking, supporting an innovative approach to solving real challenges, driving change and delivering impact.

What could your organisation be?

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Teams will be working on real live problems that they are facing in their working environments.